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Real State Market

The Portuguese real estate market consists mostly of small businesses whose main problem is the difficulty in retaining good salespeople. These will tend to open his own real estate agency while maintaining the same business model that does not retain the best employees and not customers loyalty.

This is the main reason for the existence of so many estate agents, factor that leads people to think that the market is saturated. However, this idea does not reflect reality in that, having been in 2007 about 260,000 property transactions in Portugal, over 40% were made directly between the buyer and the owner. Ie approximately 104,000 transactions were not mediated by professional companies.

The current economic conjecture favors the real estate market, as ever with now is that it requires a mediator to advise the buyer / seller.

The real estate sector is a great opportunity since worked with professionalism. That's why RE / MAX commitment to training its employees in order to equip them with the tools necessary to win the trust of customers.